Wednesday, February 03, 2010

More snow on the way....

We are about to be hit by another snow storm. About five inches, but also some icy stuff again. This has been an unpleasant winter. I'm starting to think we're going to have the snow with us well into March. I just hope it doesn't all melt too quickly. I'm far too close to the river. I walk down there on spring mornings to watch the sunrise.

Let's not think about that now. The snow storm is enough to consider. I went out and scooped the two inches from the other day, finally. Partly because I had to get the trash out to the street, and also because I don't want ice forming on top of the snow. Just makes it all the harder to get up after it has been stomped down and had ice poured on it.


Now, on the other hand, writing is going very well. I'm about a third of the way through the rewrite of Silky 3 and 4 into one book. I want to have it done by March, so I'll be pushing on this one. The new book, UPI, is going okay. Right now my guy is chasing down a dinosaur. This was not planned. Well, actually, nothing in the story is planned. We'll see how well that goes! It's up to 14k, so it's moving along fine, even though I had to drop it for a bit. Back to it now, though!

And that's really it for me today. I have one book review to post and I'll have a second one maybe tomorrow. Or the next day. I have work to get done!

Just not right now.
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