Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday. Right.

Okay, so I'm not fully tracking anything right now. I still haven't gotten my final outline done for NaNo. I have gotten much of the DAZ newsletter done, and barely on time. I still have work to do for Vision. That one just keeps slipping away from me.

I am suffering from a massive headache tonight, which I do NOT appreciate at all. It might be sinus or it might be weather change. Whatever it is, I'm just not happy to have it hit now. I've taken enough pills that it's either going to clear up or I'm going to sleep. Or maybe both. I don't care at this point.

NaNo is just a couple days away. Am I ready? Not as much as I would like to be. I do have a couple more days, so there is hope. I'm probably closer than I think -- with this headache it feels as though everything is overwhelming. Hate days like that. I'll get the work done, though. I always do.

I should say that I have at least two very good stories for NaNo. The current outline isn't done, but the story is a lot of fun, and I could probably go to the end of it without any trouble, even without an outline. I would like to get it done, though. I don't want to risk hitting the 'what next' problem on any of the stories. As busy as my life is these days (you noticed, right?), I don't want to unnecessarily waste NaNo time to figure a story out.

Besides, I stress this so much with other people that it would be awfully embarrassing for it to happen to me. I will have the rest of the outline, even if it's only a few lines for the last quarter of the book. I do still have several small pages of notes to get transcribed into the outline yet, so we'll see where I am after that. I can see the end is near, I'm just not quite there yet.

Of the outlines I have, Silky 4, Autumn Storm, Wildlands and I'm not Who You Think are the ones that are going to make it for this NaNo. I could not get enough research done on In the Shadow of Giants or Foundling: The Story of Tom Luck. I'll be working on those in December and one of them will be my January 1 story and the other probably my March (birthday) story.

I will likely do snippets here during NaNo, and not just on Wednesdays. That might be fun. Providing, of course, that I can find the time.

Okay, yeah. Time to work. Get things done. I can do it!


Can I have a few extra days to slip in here before November?
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Krista said...

I could use a couple extra days, too. Maybe there's some calendar god we could petition?

Tim King said...

Here, too. I'm going to be working through the weekend to finish my outline.