Thursday, June 25, 2009

A bit late....

I am a day or two from finishing Badlands, which is always an exciting, fun time for me. I want to rush through and do it tonight, but I have other work that has to be done. And besides, if I draw it out for one more day, it gives me a little extra time to come up with the next book to do. I think it ought to be Rat Pirates because I did Vita's Vengeance and Badlands, and Rat Pirates ties those two together.

Only there is a problem. Rat Pirates is at least a decade old. I'm sure I have a copy, though.... I have copies of everything, sometimes in various versions.

Well, I just spent hours searching and no sign of it. So I checked my older computer files and I lucked out. I had a copy from 1998 -- but it was in an old WPS format that the new copy of Works that came with the computer couldn't read. Then I found a file from 2000 where I had put all the chapters together and saved in a doc file -- and it opened! Yay computer!

So now I can go ahead and finish Badlands and go straight into this one and have all three rewritten in one year! Yay!

Oh. Forgot to post this! Up it goes now. No snippet this week -- too late to go find one. Maybe later! On the good side, I wrote over 5,000 words today and I should have Badlands done tomorrow.
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