Thursday, May 21, 2009

A bit late....

This is going to be late -- unless the cable company comes through and gets the Internet working again within the next three hours. Since I haven't had Internet for two days, I don't think I can count on that happening. They did say it would be soon, though.

Having no Internet is an interesting experience. I've learned what I count on it for -- other than actual, paying work. For instance weather. It looks as though a storm may be sweeping in, but I don't know. No cable and no internet. I don't think there is a radio in the house, either. Not that I could listen to one, unless it was weather radio. I hate listening to people trying to sound cool and sounding like idiots instead. I hate commercials.

And that's what's great about the Internet. Except for some occasionally annoying commercials on the start of videos on CNN, you pretty much don't have to see or hear anything you don't want to. Go straight to the news, the weather, whatever. It's a far different world from the one in which I grew up, and I like it.

I want my internet back. Right now.

No, that didn't work.

Anyway, I'm getting a few things done. No more than I would have if the Internet were on, I'm afraid. I had hoped that not having the Internet would take me away from the computer. No, not that I noticed.

It will be nice when things just settle down again. Not that I really expect that to happen, or if it does, that it will last for long.

And here we are on Thursday. I have Internet back. I'm working like mad to get caught up -- and Russ is going to be home tomorrow night! Yay!

Here is a little section from Draw the Line. Etinon is a Kasa alien -- human-like in many ways, but not human. Among things, the structure of the face and mouth keeps them from saying the letters m, b, and p. (Though sometimes I forget to cut them out. I'll be doing a lot of that in the edit!)

"You live in honor," Etinon said. He stood as well, though he seemed a little more reluctant. He looked at the box that had been placed in the room earlier and finally reached down and opened the top.

He drew out a long sword -- only not a sword, because both ends had long, blades, sharp all along the edges. From tip to tip, it was at least for foot long, with a grooved handle -- wood -like -- in the middle. Etinon held it in his hand, twisting it a little right and left as though to get the feel. He seemed pleased and drew a harness from the box, slipping it over his left arm and neck. The blades folded inward, like swiss knife, and slid easily into an embroidered pocket.

Etinon looked back at him. "Your own people do not 'rotect you. I am now your guard."

That was not the words he expected to hear and the shock left him momentarily speechless. "I don't think --"

"No, you do not, at least not at ti'es when you should carefully consider your o'tions. And I know hu'ans are given to argue at all ti'es. You cannot now. It is decided."

"But --"

Etinon turned fully to him, left hand resting on the pocket and the weapon. He stood there, saying nothing, and Rafe, with a growing sense of panic, knew he could not argue the Kasa out of his new found position.

"You don't want to do this. I know you don't," he said.

"It is decided. Is it a dishonor to have a Kasa as a guard?"

"No!" he said, and then regretted the quick answer. He might have been able to talk the Kasa out of this madness if he had been thinking.

Etinon had him right there. He didn't think things through too often. And he knew he had no choice now. The room had grown noticeably cooler, and the Displaced looked agitated.

"Let's go."

"I ex'ect that if I say you should do so'thing, you will do it. This is a rule when one has a guard. You do not know the way in which such things are done, so this is the only rule that I will ex'ect you to o'ey without question. If you do not, it will likely get us 'oth killed."

He wanted to argue. He didn't have time. They would have to discuss this later.

"I will obey you to the best of my ability," he answered.

Etinon bowed his head in agreement. "Let us go 'efore 'atters get worse."

As far as Rafe could tell, they couldn't get any worse. But he headed out, Etinon falling in at his back and keeping pace with him.
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E. Hartshorn said...

Hooray for having Internet back!

Sometimes, I'm more productive without it, sometimes not. I think it depends more on me than it.

Pandababy said...

I was worried about you -- glad to know it was "only" the Internet connection. And is that the world's cutest mouse or what?

Zette said...

It's an 'or what' -- a lesser hedgehog tenric, I believe. Cute little guy.