Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcom to Chaos

I'm late tonight with this. It's actually Thursday... but it's been a busy week and a very busy couple of days!

I ordered a replacement for my dying computer last week. I hope that it will arrive before Russ does at the end of the month, so we can set it up together. I'm looking forward to it. It's not the most powerful computer in the world, but it's a lovely HP and it will be much better for my work. Especially since this one has been having increasing problems. That's not a surprise, considering how much I use it.

The other news is that I sent out a query to an agent on Monday and had a request for a partial yesterday... so, as you can imagine, I've been working on that to try and get it right. It's a good first showing, even if the agency decides against Ada Nish Pura. We'll see.

And, as I mentioned, Russ will be home on the 27th. He hasn't been home since the first week of November, so this is a full four months. That's far too long. He will only be here for a couple days, and we probably won't even have a car -- but I can't wait to see him.

And that's it for tonight. I still have other things to do, and it's already almost 2 am! I have Vision still this month, plus updates for FM, and I am creating a class on writing short stories. Busy. Far too busy

But I got this posted, at least!
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Storywebber said...

Zette, it is fantastic that Russ is coming home in a few days. You'll have to cook all his favorite foods. So goog eating to look forward to.

That is a great picture on this page. What it is a picture of?


Zette said...

That's just... chaos. It was done with a program called Chaoscope, I think.