Monday, November 03, 2008

NaNo Day 2: 5049 (10554 Total)

Day two of NaNo and I managed another 5k. It's a bit slow going right now, but I'm still working along. Russ and I kicked back and watched a bunch of shows tonight, which was fun. I had a bad headache for a good part of the day, too, which didn't help at all. But still... managed to keep the word count up, so I can't complain.

Here is a short bit from Day 2's work:

The light changed as they neared the airlock. She remembered crossing that portal on her way to the pod and looking back -- they almost all did, that last time -- to see the distant towers of Space City, and the wide ocean off the Florida coast. She closed her eyes for a moment and could recall the salt scent and hear the cry of gulls.

And when she opened her eyes again, Jasha stood close by, silent, respectful and waiting. The light ahead had a greenish tint. She walked toward it, moving more slowly again. It was not weakness. It was that she didn't want to know --

But she couldn't hide in here.

When she got to the door she blinked and blinked again because her eyes would not quite focus --

She reached out to steady herself against the side of the airlock, and then drew her hand back in haste. Something covered the side of the ship. Green. Vines of some sort that had crawled up the shell and entwined along the door. She looked at them in shock and thought something small moved there.

Movement beyond the airlock. Someone --

The mounds were buildings. Several hundred of them, spread out down a slight terrace away from the airlock, row upon row of them. People moved in many places. Animals. She thought she saw chickens... and other things.

This was an old settlement.

"Dear God," she whispered. She had not expected to feel such shock again. She locked her legs and refused to fall, and looked at Jasha --

"Welcome to Ostara," he said, with what seemed a far more formal bow of his head.

She couldn't breathe for a moment. Answers. She wanted --

"How long -- how long since the ship landed?"

"Four generations have been born on this world," he said. "By earth years -- we still keep them as best we can -- it is nearly 205 years."

"Why -- why did you wait so long to awaken us?" she asked. "Why -- "

But before Jasha could answer she heard shouts from the people below. Several were coming there way. Jasha looked troubled. He stepped forward, as though to put himself between her and a danger she didn't understand.

"What have you done!" a man in a long dark robe demanded. "You cannot have --"

But he seemed unable to say more, looking at Felicia with what looked very close to rage.

"I would not let them die," Jasha said.

"You have overstepped yourself this time, Speaker. You have gone too far!"

"Jasha --" Felicia said softly, worried.

"Go back," he said and even smiled. He didn't seem to take the anger as seriously as she thought he should. "Go in. I will deal with my people. I will come to see you again soon." He bent closer and spoke softly. "Do not go out alone. They are unsettled, and I do not know if Ti Mar Anne has more of a following than I think. He is aiming this at me, not you. Stay safe, quiet for a while. It will settle soon."

She wanted to ask more. She wanted to demand -- but she nodded and stepped back into the ship. Jasha went down the slight slope and the other man -- Ti Mar Anne -- followed with only a glance back at Felicia. She suspected Jasha was right -- that Ti was more interested in a power play against Jasha than in the people on the ship.

But when she went back in, she found Wade and put him to guard the door.
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