Monday, May 26, 2008

Six months down....

And no end in sight, as far as Russ and I can tell. I'm talking about his job in New York, of course. He left the day after Thanksgiving. He came back this weekend for the first time in three months. We had a fun time, and he hopes to make it back for our anniversary next month, but it's doubtful. Flight prices have gone way up. What a shock.

We are still digging our way out of debt, but we're a lot closer. It's amazing, because as debt goes, we have never had much. We don't do credit cards, we don't have car payments, we don't have kids. We have the second house which is $500 a month plus another $150 for utilities, plus this house which has no payment, but about $250 in utilities. Car insurance, of course, though the car spends most of the time sitting in Omaha these days. Russ has his expenses in New York -- a place to stay, of course, and all the extras of getting around there. He's thinking about trying to buy a cheap car out there for work, which would help in some ways. Yes, let's see -- two people with three housing locations and three cars. (The van is pretty much dead, though. He thinks he'll see if someone will just drag it off for us.)

Life is odd.

I wish he could get a job closer and maybe spend a weekend or two a month at home. I manage fine on my own, but you know -- I married Russ for a reason, and it wasn't to just talk to him on the phone now and then and exchange emails. Next month will be our 29th anniversary.

I will not be moving over to the other house for the summer like I thought I might. It turns out that despite draining all the pipes, one of them did freeze and break this winter, and it is at the worst spot to try and fix. Ugh. That house has central air. It appealed to me. Actually, if the weather gets too hot, I'll just go over there and work for a while anyway. We didn't get a chance to put the AC unit in the window here, so if the weather suddenly heats up, it's going to be pretty miserable. This house is fine until late afternoon.
I do have a good fan, though, so I'll survive it. I just don't much like heat. We've been lucky in our weather this year, especially compared to some of the other areas. I hope it stays that way.

So, okay. Time to get focused back on writing. I can do this, right?

(Starts pulling out notes and wondering what some of them might really mean....)
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cherylp said...

Are you still planning on moving to New York when the time is right to be with him?

Oh, and were your ears burning Sunday? Selina and I talked about you. (grin)

Zette said...

No. We hope that he'll find a job back in this area instead. It's far too expensive to live out there, let alone move the kitty gang and find a place were we could live with them.

Oh, should I be worried about you two talking about me?

cherylp said...

With Selina, I watch everything I say, so you should be safe. *wink*

I'm selfishly glad you are not moving to NY--that's way too far away.

Valerie Comer said...

Glad to hear what's new for you--or how the same-old is working out. I hear you on the reasons for being married--we're 28 years in August and I'm thankful to have hubby working from home recently instead of The Great Commute he did for 2.5 years. Compared to you, I had absolutely nothing to complain about, but even so, it wasn't how marriage is supposed to be!

At any rate, hugs!

Wolverine said...

I don't know anything about the geography of America, so forgive me if this is impossible, but couldn't Russ use your current (working) car that's not currently being used? Or are you going to use that more in the summer? And if you're not using the other house currently, could you have the utilities cut off and just get them reconnected when you need them? Or is there an unconnection/reconnection fee making that not work?

Sorry, not trying to be annoying, just thoughts that popped up. Hope Russ makes it home for your anniversary!


Zette said...

Unfortunately, it's about 1400 miles from here to where Russ is. Even if we thought the car would make it that far (it's a good car, but not great), he wouldn't have time to drive it to New York, or have the money for the gas for that matter.

We have the heat turned off in the second house. That's the only utility worth worrying about, money wise. The water isn't working because of a broken pipe, but the electricity is still on. This is a good thing, since it has central air and if the weather gets up into the 100's and higher, I'll have somewhere cool to go for a while. Heat and I do not agree.