Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The month (or maybe year) of the edits

I haven't gotten too much new writing done this month. I've been working, mostly, on the final edits of the last two Dark Staff books. #7 is already at the publisher. I am about half way through #8. After that, I'll do a quick run through Silky, and then a much harder work through the sequel to Silky.

But, you know -- it's been very satisfying work. I know I have a number of novels I need to do final edits on and get them out the door. I've been too busy to dedicate myself to the work -- or at least that's the excuse I use. Maybe I've only been too lazy.

This month reacquainted me with the fun of doing edits. I have been so busy (maybe) that I just hadn't applied myself to the work for far too long. Years? Nah, can't be that long. But I have not submitted much the last couple years, and I intend for that to stop. Vision, FM, DAZ and all the rest is fun -- but I am an author, and it's time to turn at least some of my focus back where it belongs.

I am going to have serious problems sending any packages out, of course. Russ has not been home since January 1. He should be home for one day this weekend, and then there is no telling when he will be able to get back again. The post office is too far away to walk to in either the very cold or the very hot weather -- and we don't get much of the 'comfortable' weather between.

So maybe I should turn back to my real, first love -- ebook publication. Ebook and small press -- there are a number of small press places on the web these days and who take electronic submissions. It may be time to stop hoarding novels and set them free!

Ugh. Sounds like a lot of work.

I did mention the possibility of lazy, right?

It has also been an incredibly cold winter. I have found that I don't do well in the cold. Once the temp drops below 15f, I have to go crawl into somewhere warm. I have been writing on my HP IPAQ that way, and really enjoying it, too.

And since the temperature right now is -2f, that's what I'm going to go do. I am nearly done with one short story, so that should work quite nicely tonight. Tomorrow it will be warmer (if you can call 20f warmer, but really -- yeah, it is.) I hope to get more done then.

If my brain unthaws.
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LJCohen said...

Zette--like the Nike ad, I'm starting to use the mantra 'just do it'. (LOL--no copyright infringement intended!)

Good luck with your editing process and get that work out there.