Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween and NaNo

I am a bit less than three hours from NaNo. I might even be almost ready. This year's plan is to write one novel I want to get done, and if I have time and feel like it, I'll do some relatively short (50k at least) books. Or book. Or not at all after I get the first one done.

My hand is still giving me a lot of trouble. There are things going on here (like the possibility of Russ moving to New York in mid-month) that really hasn't helped my NaNo-mood. I have Vision up, I have FM updated, I got the new Sangre story posted last night, and I have a little bit more writing to do on Silky2 and I'll be done with it. I have an outline for my novel (better print that off!), and notes besides, if I can find them. About midsummer I bought the NaNo poster with the little squirrels and such on it, so I need to get that up. I have cleared the top of my hutch so that Edmond and Zaphod stop rolling off the books and falling on me -- pulling down books with them.

There are so many things I haven't done that I don't even want to think about it.

But I'm here anyway.

Here are my totals from previous NaNo's. I don't expect to do as well this year:

2001 -- Return to Faneh Thenyal -- 70,436
2002 -- Freedom and Fame -- 101,654
Whispers of Winterwood -- 75,101
2003 -- Mirrors -- 72,081
Journey to Winter -- 84,264
2004 -- Bad Connections -- 106,042
Darkness Falls -- 84,123
2005 -- Kat Among the Pigeons -- 102,619
Feather in the Wind -- 50,191
The Time and the Place -- 51,185
2006 -- Summer Storm -- 67,769
The Servant Girl -- 102,085
Dancer -- 98,258

That's 1,065,813 words. Maybe it is time to slow down a bit!

I will try to post snippets each day, but I'm really very busy and just keeping up the word count is going to be difficult this year!
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