Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fiction Price Cut at HollyShop!


Holly has decided to drop the price of fiction books at her store, and that means Ruins and Muse are now avaiable at the lower $3.99 price. Here is a link to My Books. You can also read large sections of the two books -- Ruins and Muse -- over at my site:

My Web Site

Look down the list under free stuff. People have enjoyed both books, so here's your chance to give one or both a try.


The picture today is called Learning to Fly. I think it's one of the best one's I've done so far! I used several different programs to create it, and I think I'm getting the feel for them.

And now on to other things!

Writing is still going pretty well, only slowed down by the fact that I have a cold and Russ has a cold, and we're both pretty miserable. I'm sure it will pass soon. We have a bit of spring here -- it was up in the 70's (f) yesterday. It's colder again and going to snow tonight, but it won't last.

I am very nearly done with the two Dark Staff books. I should have had the one edited by now, but I keep getting sidetracked a bit. The trip to Kansas, even though it was only three days, really did throw me off. And no, there isn't word on the job nor will there be for some time. If it works out, we'd either be in Hutchinson, or more likely, in Dodge City. That's quite a change from our northeast Nebraska home!

Ah, but writing. See -- I keep getting distracted.

On my birthday I started the new book, A Plague of Rats. I'm holding it to 500 words a day until I get the other novel done. It's been interesting, because I really don't have a feel for it very well yet, mostly because I'm holding myself back. It's very odd. But as soon as I get the other things done.... Well, one completely done and off to the copyeditor, and the other one finished to sit for a couple weeks before I do a final edit and then it will go off to the copyeditor as well. And then I will be done!

Does it seem as though I'm not getting much done? Word count for the year is already at 180,770. If I get the main novel done, I'll feel a bit more like I've accomplished something. That's just me. It's silly. I know I'm doing the writing, and it's going well. I'll be happy with it.

Forward Motion's March Madness is coming up. I have two outlines to choose from if I want to do an entire novel. Or I could work on A Plague of Rats. It would probably be silly to sit it aside again already and go for something else... but I might anyway -- because I enjoy the rush of a week-long writing marathon. I think Russ is going to be gone to New York for at least part of that week, too. So I might as well have something fun to do!

Right now though, I'm getting that spring-fever get out and take pictures feeling. Which is really good for me to have because I don't get out often enough. It's too cold today, but as soon as that temp starts picking back up again, I'll be packing the camera off on little walks. They'll do me good. Unfortunately, it looks like the next week or so is going to be cold again.
I guess I'll have to settle for writing and digital art for a while longer!

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khris0117 said...

I *love* that picture! It's great. I have Daz too but don't have the patience to learn to use it. :o/