Thursday, October 13, 2005


Well, yes, I have been busy. And crazed. Moving from one computer to another has been more trouble than I expected, but I'm mostly getting it sorted around. I can't believe, however, that it's nearly the middle of the month. Do you have any clue how much work I have to do before November 1? I have a list of about 12 real things that need to be done. I finally got one of them completed yesterday.

I even read Holly's post where she tagged me -- and then forgot about it. Just too damned busy, and not having much fun at all. But I have November coming up, so I have something to look forward to, at least.

Other pieces are falling together, at least. I have contracts in hand for my copyeditors, but I'm trying to get a final clarification on how this works from Deron. Then those go out with the next three projects and all is well there until January.

I have most of the outline for my main NaNo book. I'm happy with it, too. I think it's going to be a fun book to write.

I am trying to get Vision put together. Last issue of the year -- #30! I would like to have something on NaNo, but I'll probably have to write it myself since I didn't think to put out a request before now. The big problem at the moment is that the articles are spread between two machines. Many of them are already copyedited. I'm just having a hellish time pulling it all together.

Ada Nish Pura is within 100 pages of completion. I want to just sit down and work with it, and get it done, let it sit one more time -- too many changes to trust it just to go off without another rest and read, and probably an edit. But I feel good about it.

I want to send Muse to someone for submission... and I can't find a place. I just can't. I keep trying to look, and I bounce off of everything, and I'm not even certain what sort of publisher or agent I should be looking for -- and quite honestly it's making me very frustrated and crazy. I shouldn't write anything that isn't sf or fantasy.

I have 183 points on my outline for Kat Among the Pigeons. I want a 100k book out of this, and that's just not enough to get me there. That would be about 550 words per 'point' which... well, that's not really that bad, I guess. I would prefer to get something down to about 300 words per point -- really easy to make those words and the writing flies. But that would mean about 335 points, and I just don't see that happening -- not unless I find an entire subthread hiding in the story somewhere. This is a first person POV, too, so I'm not going to be adding in secondary characters with their own chapters. I could -- I've seen some nice work switching between first and third lately -- but I'm not comfortable with it. Besides, there are no characters who would add to the story, since it's staying pretty tight to what Kat is doing.

Gah. I don't have a connection to the Internet.

I think I'll just go do some work now. And keep a copy of this in my files so I don't have to type it up again.

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Valerie Comer said...

Gorgeous graphic, Zette!

I was thinking of doing my nano novel in a switch between two characters, one in first person, one in third. I won't know for sure till I get there. (It's a romance.)