Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Me Post

The last week or so has been filled with one project after another, almost all of them nonfiction, and nearly all of them taking longer than I had expected. And I'm still not caught up, but I'm closer to the point where I can just sit down and write again.

I've been working on my outlines, though. Once I get other things cleared out, I'll be able to just leap in and work. I'm looking forward to it. The little bit of fiction I've gotten done in the last week has not been enough to sustain me for long! I want my characters and stories back!

But today I have a couple other things to do again, and a few more outline notes to type up. Last night I had a glimmer of how to add some material to Kat Among the Pigeons, too. I can see one good scene, and there will have to be several things that happen leading up to it. I might be able to get another day's worth of material there.

I'm looking forward to the end of the month and our annual 'Labor of Love' and 'Unfinished Business' five day writing dare at Forward Motion. At the rate I'm going, I think I'm going to be doing Unfinished Business and see if I can get Serendipity Blues completed. If I did Labor of Love it would be one of three outlines that I have sitting here -- Kat Among the Pigeons, I'm Not Who You Think, or Wind and the Sand. Oh, and there's the Resolutions of Trust outline still here, too.

I would really like some writing time! (grin) I can't even find time to do this blog very often lately, and that's kind of pathetic.

I think Russ is, unfortunately, going to be out of town again during the Dare. That gives me more time to write, but really I'd rather have the company and a little cheering on during the dare. Not to mention the Taco Bell food. Hmmm... Maybe I'll stock up on some bean burritos and throw them in the freezer.

I keep joking to Russ about going on a writing retreat to some hotel for a few days. It is a joke because I can't retreat much more than I already have. My office is at the back of he house, I don't keep a phone here at all, and except for the cats I rarely have anyone back here. Russ has his own office next door, so he doesn't use my computer very often now. I keep clearing the stuffed animals away, but somehow new ones seem to take their place. There is usually one or two cats stretched out on the left side of the desk, too. I have my own little stereo system and all the books a person could want. (Practically. I still lust after a couple sets of nonfiction way-to-expensive sets. Someday....)

All I need is more time.

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Margaret said...

Sending sympathy your way. I'm hoping to do Labour of Love too, though I haven't decided on what. I may do a short story "book" to bring all those shorts I wanted to write for SAD to life, or start another novel. That's assuming I have the time to work on it. Still pushing away at the other goals, but if I make it, I'll word war you :).