Friday, September 29, 2006

Still here

I am not having a good week, obviously, but I'm still here. Russ will be home in a couple more days, and I think things will look better then. Right now I'm fighting to get anything done. And I'm not feeling well, which doesn't help at all. I suspect it's just stress.

I have been going for walks every day again, and I think that's helping somewhat. I'm almost nearly done with Paid in Gold and Blood, and I am happy about that part. The 2YNY2 book is figting me, but -- again -- I think it's stress more than anything else.

Today I feel lousy, so all the things I'd planned on doing are kind of sitting by the side and on hold again.

If I don't get things working soon, I'm going to drop NaNo this year. As much as I love doing it, there are just too many things piling up on my end, and not nearly enough time to do them as it is. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


We lost Princess Cricket, one of our fourteen year old cats, early this morning. She'd been ill for a long time, but she'd actually looked better yesterday after her visit to the vet. He even thought she would be all right. But I woke up at 4:30am and for some reason checked on her. She was having trouble breathing. I woke Russ up who decided to take her into the bathroom, where the other cats wouldn't bother her -- and she died there just a couple minutes later.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I've finished the first draft of Summer Storm!

Finally! It's a short first draft, but I don't care. I have it. I've already thought of one thread that I completely lost, even in the outline, so there's something to write up and settle. I want more with the main character's girlfriend, and probably a few more encounters with the bad guys before the end.

But, I have the basics of the story, and I'm glad.

Now it'll be back to work on the 2YNY2 book, after a short break. At least a few hours. And I need to get to work on the outline for NaNo.

But right now I'm just relieved to have the novel done.

Holly says the new writing book will be for sale tomorrow, too. Yay!

Right now, though... I think I want to rest for a little while! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Playing with pictures

This is an older African Egret picture from the zoo. I decided to play with it over in Corel's Painter Essentials 3 -- and then back in Corel's Paint Shop Pro XI. I like the results! I really hope that I get a chance to pick up these two programs. Actually, I am lusting after the full version of Painter now, but it's out of my range. Although... there may be a way that we can get it, if a friend agrees. That would be so great.

I have sent the Workshop book off to Holly again, after another reformat. I hope that's the last I see of it for a while. Ineed to work on two projects and get them done -- Summer Storm and 2YNY2.

So I stopped and played with pictures instead. Actually, I need the little break after the Workshop book which gave me problems all the way to the end.

Oh, and I'm trying out Picasa's Web album:

The Orphan Kittens
Jun 13, 2006 - 24 Photos

I think that's about all the time I can waste now. It's already 6PM and I need to get some work done before the day is gone.

I keep saying I'm going to take the weekends off. I never quite figure out how to do it!

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday? It's Friday?

I am having a hard time keeping track of days lately. So is Russ. That's not good at all.

Today I did the PDF version of the workshop book Holly and I will have out soon. I hope it worked right this time. If I have to redo that beast again, I may scream. Or something.

Edmond bit me on the arm today. He was playing with his brother and he reached over and caught hold of me. We had a very short and to the point, discussion about it. He didn't break the skin very much, but I am bruised.

And then he did it again a few minutes later. We had a slightly longer discussion that time. I hope he got the point this time.

So, now I want to get to work on Summer Storm, since I've barely written a couple hundred words today. And edit more of Paid in Gold and Blood, which is really going very well. I need to do more work at FM now that I have my computer almost working properly again since the move. I didn't dare mess with it for those days where we couldn't get my Internet Connection to work quite right.

And the new desk is great. Right now I have the computer, the printer a stack of papers and three cats -- and it's not even crowded. I think I'll be able to bring my scanner out and set it up, too. Great stuff! I even like the spot, too, which is clear up front with two windows to look out, giving a side and front view from the house.

Will it help me with writing? Yes, I think it will. I just have to get the time to get back into it.

And that's what I'm about to do now! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Well never mind....

I had something come in that needed to be done. I'm not quite done yet, but I'm taking a little break to rethink one part of it, and to consider where I want to sit my printer.

In the meantime, the cats have been pretty good. I like the new desk and I already feel better sitting at it.

It's been raining all day -- lovely stuff, really. I like sitting here with two windows and different views. Never had that before. I do need to clean that porch up, though, since I'm looking out it to the front of the house.

Still haven't quite got the mouse where I want it, but it's getting better. I'm certainly far more comfortable than I was.

I should be writing something, I suppose. But the other work took me out of the mood and (as you can probably tell) I stopped and played with some digital art stuff for a few minutes, too. I so want to buy the two programs I've been using! (Trial downloads of Corel's Paint Shop Pro XI and Painter Essentials 3.) I'm having fun with them. I want more fun in my life. (grin)

I hope Russ will be home soon! That'll give me another excuse not to write!

Hold on, that can't be right! Posted by Picasa

I hope this helps!

As soom of you know, I have back problems. These problems started inching up into my neck in the last few months and I realized it was making it difficult to work. I also realized it had started since I changed from my computer desk in my office to a table in the dining room.

So we found a cheap new computer desk and sat it up last night. So far I like it. Lots of room for the cats to sprawl, and the keyboard on a shelf so that it's both lower, and not in a place for them to sleep on it while I'm tryingto work. I'm having trouble getting the mouse placed properly, but so far it's an improvement. We'll see how I do on actual writing, since this is my first day at it.

The last two nights I was going to make big changes at the FM site, but on the first night my connection kept going down and on the second we were moving the computer. I'll have to get back in there and get to work, though. I started the moving process, and I want it done by September, if possible.

The guys aren't really sure about this yet. Edmond and Zaphod keep moving around from one spot to another and attacking things they shouldn't. It'll be a couple days before they settle down. The rest of the cats are mostly 'Yeah, yeah, we've seen it all before. She'll have the desk covered in no time, and then where will we rest?"

But so far, I think I'm going to like it. My neck is very sore today, though. I'm hoping it will clear up over the next few days and I can enjoy this. I also have ugly cords strung across two rooms that are going to have to change... but for the moment, here I am, and I'm going to get back to work on Summer Storm. Current count is 59,036. Let's see how I do on this lovely, rainy afternoon! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Trying not to be busy

I'm trying not to be busy, and it's not working very well. I keep saying I'm going to take the weekends off... and I never do. Yesterday I had little choice -- good thing I got my writing done early in the day because by last night I was very ill in the 'can't breathe' type of stuff. I spent most of the afternoon and evening in bed. Today I'm a bit better.

I haven't gotten much writing done yet, though. I spent most of the day working on Interview questions for C. J. Cherryh (yay!) and sent those off to her. I fell into an editing mode (never a bad thing, really) and did quite a few pages on Paid in Gold and Blood. Tonight I plan to write more on Summer Storm, too. I'm close to done with it, and I'm hitting a couple very nice spots. It's been a lot of fun to write.

I just wish I didn't feel so lousy.

Grumble. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Happy Turtle

Everytime I see this turtle at the zoo, he looks happy. There are some animals that can just make you grin when you look at them. He's one of them.

Today I spent nearly the entire day sorting through things at FM. After midnight I started moving boards and posts -- a long, difficult task. I'm only going to do one or two sets a night. So far it looks good.

Of course, my writing isn't doing as well because of it, but that's all right. Once I get this work done I'll keep better about it. It's looking good so far. I hope.

I'm down to the last few Chapters of Summer Storm and I like the story -- though I can see a lot of room for changes and improvements. Still, it has a good feel to it. I just need to up the tension in many places and add a few more problems for my main character. I think he's doing too much 'floating along' stuff. I seem to have that problem with my stories -- and like this, I find it as I near the end. But that's what rewrites and edits are for. I'm just glad that I enjoy them so much!

And now, I think it's time to call it a night here! Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 15, 2006

Heading into the weekend

Summer Storm, the latest novel, is going along quite nicely, all things condisered. I'm into the last quarter of the tale, and I'm somewhere over 50k. I think this draft will come in at about 60k, which for me isn't too bad. My books grow in the second draft, and now that I'm nearly through with this one, I can see a lot of places for growth in things that I dind't get into nearly deep enough -- my main characters family, his girlfriend, and things like that.

I made some progress on the second 2YN book as well. Moving, adding, deleting -- It's a lot of work, trying to sort it all out.

I have also been getting pictures done for the ADW people. Now, if I can just get my DVD borner to work, I'm going to be a very happy person.

I only have three things on my To Do List, and I know there should be more than that. See! This is the kind of problem I'm faced with these days, and it's driving me nuts! I can't even get the stuff written on lists before I forget it! ARGH!

Okay, I'm going off to pound my head against the wall for a while. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A revelation

Hi. Yes, I've sort of been negligent about this blog for a few days. Busy, busy... and a trip to the zoo yesterday...

And a revelation about something on the way home last night. I was lamenting to Russ about my inability to keep track of work any more. I know I have things that must get done, but I can't keep track sometimes, and it is making me very frustrated.

And Russ mentioned that I never used to have this problem before I started having blood pressure problems.



I think he's right.

As far as I can remember, he's right. Since this is all about how I don't remember things as well as I should, I think I'll have to take him as the expert here. (grin) It's an odd relief to have a reason for some of this. Granted, other parts are just a bad case of Because I don't want to problems when faced with the choice between writing and work. You know which one is going to win out in that case!

So, I dragged out an old white board from the porch and I'm going to start actually noting things that need to be done on it. I'm hoping by spreading it out over days, I can spread things out, instead of letting them clump and become overwhelming, and give myself less stress that way. Less stress, lower blood pressure, better memory -- seems like a good plan to me.

I think yesterday's trip to the zoo helped as well, even though I screwed up the camera setting and don't have as many good pictures as I should. It was a good relaxing day. I might go back tomorrow.

If I get some work done today. (grin) Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 08, 2006

What I would like....

I would like to be caught up on something.

At this point, I don't even care what it is.

It would help if my computer would not suddenly have fits of some sort, only to clear up several hours later, as soon as Russ is home and passes somewhere near it. I swear -- I turned the computer off and on. I cleared things. I shut things down. I did everything I could -- and when Russ came home, he turned it of and back on, and thething is fine.

I am not, however, complaining that it is working. (Looks nervously at computer again.)

I am trying to get the second 2YN book done. I know it's going to be tough to do, but I got part of the stuff storted out while Russ was gone, and it's finally falling into place. I'm pleased. I hope to have it done by mid to late October --in other words, before NaNo. I don't think this will be too much of a problem.

Well, as long as my computer cooperates with me.

I am also trying to get the pictures for the Animal Diversity Web pulled together and formatted. I finally have the basics for that in place. If I can sort through them and pull the good ones for formatting, I have a chance.

Ugh. Too much to do.... it makes me want to come and write blog entries rather than face it. I have things to sort out at FM. I have a wonderful novel that's about 42k long and picking up speed... but I'm not.

I would like to take this weekend to do the ADW stuff, and I might just do it, so that it's not hanging over my head. It should be fun, and I don't want to keep pushing it off until it is a problem rather than something I want to do.

Yes, that actually makes some sort of sense, even if it means not working as hard on the 2YN stuff just yet. I do have most of that written, so it won't be too bad. Hmmmm....

I think that's what I'll do. I should be able to get 100 or so pictures formatted this weekend and get a CD off to them.


Time to go to work now.... Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 04, 2006

With the marathon over, I feel a bit better. Odd for me to admit, but having a day where I don't feel compelled to write thousands of words is nice. It won't last, of course, but I'll enjoy it anyway -- and then really enjoy leaping back into some other fit of writing.

Of course, I've already written several hundred words, so it's not like it's a big change.

Russ will be home some time tomorrow. I think it will be late, so I really won't see much of him until he gets home from work on Wednesday. It'll be good to have him home again!

He'll be working at the college on Wednesday, though, so I really won't see much of him until Wednesday night or Thursday. I'm not sure when his next class is down in Omaha, but I hope to get to the zoo that day. Of course, I still need to sort out the last group of pictures. I might do that today, in fact, and start posting them. I also need to get the pictures for the Animal Diversity Web sorted out and start getting them ready to send.

In fact... I think I'll get the writing done, some DTF work out of the way, and get to that stuff. A day with pictures sounds pretty nice about now! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Okay, I can do this....

So there I was, about 500 words short of 40k, my latest goal for Labor of Love. I didn't think it would be a problem.

And then I started slowing down. Meds kicked in. Got tired. Got headachy. Got annoyed.

I napped for about half an hour. Would have been longer, but the neighbors got the base speaker in their car going again, and my bed was trembling -- across the street and a house over from them. It iddn't help my headache at all, but I woke up.

Now I'm sitting here looking at a scene that shouldn't be a problem to write at all. It's a fun set of stuff. Things are really picking up in the novel, which I intend to finish by the end of the month. Even if I only do two sections a day, I'll get it done in plenty of time.

But anyway, here I am with about 200 more words to go, my head pounding, the noise across the street driving me insane... and it's cold. There, I got my long-sleeved shirt out, so that's at least better. I fed the cats. I did PayPal payments for the last issue of Vision and tomorrow I can do checks.

I have to go back into the earlier part of the novel and put in just a little something -- but it's going to take reworking a scene to fit it, and I'm not certain which one I want to do. Something early, though.

I also had to rewrite two sections of my outline when I realized that one part wouldn't work at all, and the other one repeated a section I'd moved and not gone back and changed a couple things.

Oh look! Only 60 more words to go! (Yes, jumping back and forth between this and the story!)

There! 40,018! Yay!

Okay. Now I can go play with something else for a little while and see if that helps with the headache. I didn't want to get distracted with something else until I reached that 40K point though. Well, at least with nothing more serious than this blog! Posted by Picasa

One day left!

I'm up to 36,000 words on the new novel. I wish I had done better, but I really can't complain. I also got Vision done in that time, plus set the stuff up for September at FM. And we got Russ heading for New York, too, of course.

So yeah, not too bad at all when I think about it.

I'm going for 40k and not pushing tomorrow. I have to think about some of the other things I need to work on now. The story will continue at a fair pace anyway, I think. I should have it done by the end of the month, if all goes well.

This is going to sound odd from me, but I'm looking forward to getting back to things that do not include writing. I want to get the pictures done for the Animal Diversity Web. I want to experiment some more with Bryce and Daz. I might even watch a couple shows.

In other words, take a break from the oddness that is reality for me.

Russ will be home on Tuesday. This has gone pretty fast, really, though there's been a some times when it didn't seem like it. This afternoon was one of them. I don't know why. But here we are, early Sunday morning already. There are things I still want to get done around here.

But right now, sleep is calling to me again! Posted by Picasa